Here's What Other Clients Are Saying!

"I honestly LOVED working with Mohamed. Couldn't imagine someone give me that much value in such a short time. I hired him almost blindly and couldn't be happier about my choice. I was lucky enough to work with him on EVERY aspect of my life (family, friends, Love life, health, Work, ...) without leaving any detail aside. I have grown SO much in so little time, i couldn't thank him enough. Thank you Mohamed."
Kenza K.
"I am incredibly happy that I found Mohamed for this job. He has gone above and beyond in helping me to develop my brand and marketing strategy. He has a good eye for detail and was able to quickly ascertain where my business has been struggling and what to start doing about it. Mohamed knows how to ask the right questions and is able to communicate very effectively. I do not hesitate to reccomended him."
Robert P.
"We have appreciated Mohamed's ability to ask the right questions (including the uncomfortable ones). His "brutal" honesty can be a real value, if well received. His ability to see situations in their entirety is a major asset. He is humble enough to recognize when he does not know something and is willing to seek the knowledge and skills of subjects he does not master."
Marc N.

Let’s Work on Your Story.

Whether you’re with a special one or you’re single and looking to learn how you can build a wonderful relationship, you are more than welcome to send me a message.

This is a safe space, if you feel that you want or need to share your story, now is the time!

Some questions to consider as you share your story that can help me understand and help you better:

  • Are you single? dating? in a relationship? or married? for how long?
  • What is the most pressing matter you are dealing with?
  • How is it affecting your life and/or relationship?
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Hey, My Name is Mohamed

I Can Help You Have A Wonderful Marriage

My wife, Laurie and I have been married for more than 22 beautiful years. We are now in an extraordinary emotional place but it hasn’t always been the case.

10 years ago, I was a completely different man and it was when I first spoke about divorce in 2010 that I knew something was wrong. Unfortunately, I just didn’t know what! I just knew that divorce was not an option and love was not enough!

I spent the last decade figuring out what went wrong and what we did right afterwards (but unintentionally at first). My coaching is the result I share on how to get the most out of the most amazing relationship you have: your marriage.

Other Testimonials

"I had the pleasure of working on a business growth strategy consulting exercise with Mohamed and it was a very positive experience. Efficient and engaging, Mohamed has the ability to focus on what matters, by cutting through the mass of information to find real value. I look forward to working with him soon."
Philip G.
"For short period of time I could see that Mouras is a great entrepreneur to share experience with. Honest and smart you could count on his personal development skills. I have truly enjoyed the time we spent at setting me new personal strategy handling work and life tasks. Thank you Mohamed again and look forward growing our business opportunity together."
Mohamad I.
"Mohamed a une vision claire et approfondie des cultures du Proche et Moyen Orient. Méthodique, appliqué et synthétique, il sait adapter son coaching et aller au-delà des relations inter-culturelles en y intégrant Leadership et Développement Personnel."
Jamal A.
Head of Global Demand Forecasting